Friday, December 5, 2008

The Queen of Quite-A-Lot

Soon, very soon, you'll get an awesome blog about my birthday, complete with pictures and maybe even a video (IF I can figure out how to open the file...) Instead, today, you'll be getting a disjointed ramble about my ultra-boring life that people find fascinating for some reason.

I've been on a cooking kick this past week. Especially since the hens are laying like mad and I have too many eggs! (Taking orders for eggs...) I've made egg bread and egg noodles with them. I also did some very interesting things with extras from Thanksgiving. Oh and I made an insane amount of turkey broth. But it's been decided that I can't do anymore cooking until I do some more dishes. So I decided to work on my book...

MY BOOK! Yes that's right, I brushed off the English degree and the 64 pack of crayola (that's only funny if you went to my college) and set to work writing a non-fiction book about becoming the Diva Hick. Hopefully it'll serve as a how-to-guide for modern women as they increasing head out on the path to self-sufficiency. I was inspired to see Jenna's book hit the shelves and go out of stock on Amazon within days of its release. (Look for it Here) Now if I could just find the chick in the boat to serve as my muse. She's probably still at my folks...

So I go out this AM to let the girls out, and took a moment to walk part of our land and just let the sight freeze in my mind. Which I mean literally because it's really cold out there and the wind just sucks! So there I am in my Wellies, my hubby's big brown Carhart(ish?) jacket, work gloves, and Farm-diva hair twist, surveying the land when I realize something. I am the the Queen of Quite-A-Lot. There's the back 40 which is my kingdom, and my dog and chickens who are my subjects, and the wind and snow who are currently playing the jesters.

It's good to be Queen.

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great post! I love it!