Friday, December 5, 2008

My Birthday, aka, "The Diva Lives"

If all went right, that's a video of the band that was playing at the Shannon, or it's a video of FarmerGeek playing guitar, in which case, I'll have to delete it quick or face certain divorce. But they played this for me, followed by the words, "Speaking of nuns..." (Thanks Dave.)

The name of the band is Kindred and they are based out of the snow belt of Buffalo, NY and you can find them here ( We reminesced about how when I first started going to their shows I wasn't old enough to drink.

Damn I'm old.

Anyways, my birthday was at the Shannon Pub in Western New York. When I was little, the Shannon Pub used to be by the airport, then it moved within walking (stumbling) distance from my folks house, and now it's on the Boulevard. (If you just asked what Boulevard, you are obviously not from Buffalo and can find the Shannon Here.) Now there is one thing that makes the Shannon special. The have awesome craic. Of course, some do say it's because we bring our own craic with us. Now my little chickadees, do not get all aflutter thinking you can score some illicit drugs there, to my knowledge you cannot. Craic, VERY loosley translated, basically means good times, noodle salad. Which brings me to food...

No Gina, I didn't order chicken fingers, plain, with barbeque and ranch on the side. I know, it's a shocker isn't it? I ordered the poutine (all Canadians jump for joy) which is french fries covered in gravy and melted cheese. And I got pizza logs, just like the Mount used to make, with barbeque sauce. Yum-O. FarmerGeek got the wings. Now look, I've been to the Anchor bar and all. Just go the Shannon, the wings are better and the craic is spelled with an "ic" there. SuperLibraryChick was there as well (with many thanks to her husband for making her go) and she ordered the Shannon's WORLD FAMOUS POTATO CHOWDER. Which deserves caps, you have no idea. (When Al Gore invented the internet, he should have included smell.)

Pretty much it was a table full of cholesterol, but I'm 30 now and it's all downhill from here, so who cares right?

Now we've covered the ceol, the craic, and the cooking, now for the cast of characters. Well, of course FarmerGeek was there, and my parents, and the Blower Girl (she plays the pipes dear, don't be dirty... unless you're single and her type in which case...), The ExHusband (who wasn't really my husband but could be yours if you are single and his, and SuperLibraryChick of course (aka "Schmellie's Mommy") Unfortunately for you, I don't post pics of peoples faces on here, but just know I got an awesome shot of "Husbands: Past and Present".

I don't think they found it funny.

I did.

Anyways, Kindred sang Happy Birthday to me and Felicia said, "The Diva Lives". And it's true, even though I spend most days in ratty work clothes with my hair up in a Farm Girl twist with no makeup on and outwardly about as far away from a rock star that I can get, inside I'm still a Diva.

I'm just glad someone else still remembers it.


FarmerGeek said...

Remember all... it's pronounced PO-TINE.

Anonymous said...

dammit, kids--- we'd like to have gone!

We actually were at a b-day at the Shannon last night... and got the poutine ourselves...



DivaHick said...

Gina, please tell me you at least got the invite? I just assumed you were out of town for Thanksgiving...

Anonymous said...

Dude, I want chowder RIGHT NOW!