Saturday, December 6, 2008

Frosted Windowpanes...

Well the big news, besides the weather, is that we have acquired two roosters and two ducks. The two roosters came with the names Dandylion and Ray Ray. Since their previous family didn't seem to attached to the name Ray-Ray we decided to rename him. His name is now "Peggy's Dad". Either you get it or you don't. If you don't, go to the next Brigid's Cross show. (Although, even though Dandylion has a name and we intend to keep it, we've secretly nicknamed him "Ritchie's Grandpa".) Anyways, the two ducks also came with names. We were supposed to actually get three, but alas, the one duck passed last night before we could get her. Her mate, our new drake, is named Clyde, she naturally was Bonnie. Our other duck is named Duckster. It appears that everything is going well out in the coop tonight. Although, if you've never seen a Wyandotte take on a duck, it's really funny and worth seeing once in your life. But they seemed to settle down and now all is right in Poultry world.

The even bigger news is the weather. It was OK this afternoon, windy and cold, but we decided to run out to get a few things. By the time we got home tonight, it was bitterly cold and so windy. Not to mention the fact that it started snowing to beat the band. And it's so cold that I had to turn the heat up all the way to 70! Considering we keep it at 60, that's a big deal.

So we crawled home in the wind and snow and ice. The problem is that evidentally ODOT (Ohio department of transportation-duh!) decided that Ohioans have been spoiled with roads that are too good, and have cut back on salting and plowing. According to the Matt Patrick show, ODOT's stopped salting between midnight and 5AM.

But we don't need to go out anywhere, we are snug in warm in our little house in the little city. (Sorry I've been reading to much Laura Ingalls Wilder.) There's frost on our windowpanes, a fire in the fireplace, It's a Wonderful Life on DVD, FarmerGeek, our dog and me. The cold can't get in.

It is a wonderful life indeed...

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