Thursday, February 12, 2009

Storm Damage

So we had an amazingly bad storm last night. Unfortunately for the very beginning of it, FarmerGeek and I were outside trying to batten down the hatches. And a very good thing that we did too, because the one side of the chicken coop's roof isn't attached anymore (the screws ripped out) and it would have been GONE!

Also since the winds were blowing at a sustained rate of 50-70mph (and our hill is usually the windyest place in the world) the puppy couldn't sleep all night because of the noise.

Luckily we didn't completely lose power. You know the guy at the electric company that's in charge of getting power back on when an outage is reported? Yeah he lives in the "big house down the road".

Anyways, here a pic of the tree from the yard next door.

To quote Walter, "We love it here!"

PS- Oh Mom- Go Steelers!!! Happy?


HermitJim said...

I sure hope that all the critters did ok during the Storm...and of course, I'm glad you two came through as well!

You're could have been a lot worse!

Chris W said...

Geeez, guess I can't complain about my carport...what a mess!