Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Simple Woman's Day Book

For today

Outside my window it is... beautiful with a cool night, a sky full of stars and a (nearly?) full moon.
I am thinking about... adopting children.
I am thankful for... our quiet life.
From the kitchen... I am getting ready to make oatmeal butterscotch cookies even though roasted chicken is still in the air.
I can hear... the dog chewing on his leg. Weird dog.
I am wearing... beat up jeans, a black SHORT sleeved tee and the gray fleece hoodie. With obligatory LL Bean mocs.
I am reading... a Tracie Petersen book- lost track of which one.
I am hoping... that when I call the case worker tomorrow, she says we have a shot at getting those kids.
I am creating... two bedrooms and scarves.
Around the house... it's too quiet.
One of my favorite things... is a clean kitchen.
A few plans for the rest of the week are... to finish up the kids rooms.

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HermitJim said...

I really like this post. I had a mental image the whole time I was reading it...and I could almost see the whole thing!

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I hope your casework has good news for you. Good Luck!

FarmerGeek said...

Woo, Neal! Oh, I mean... Woo... Kids!