Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New Little Video

OK, this video isn't exactly in my normal vein, but hey! I just learned how to embed videos and this is my favorite one cause I've been there- who hasn't at some point or another? Take the time to watch it then read the note at the bottom.
Now whether you share my faith or not, just know, believing what I believe, I cared enough to share this with you. Reflect on that, and appreciate the choreography as an art form and move on. It's like the whole "God Bless You" thing. You might not believe, but I do and I care enough about your sneeze to ask God to bless you when you do. Say, "Thanks you very much" and move on...


FarmerGeek said...

This is a really cool video (and I'm not one for "interpretive" dance or any sort of dancing really).

I like it!

American Way Farm said...

Just love this video. I'm going to return the favor and tell everyone to come see yours. -Sandy