Friday, January 30, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

It wouldn't be right to endorse one football team on my blog. (Cough: STEELERS!) I mean, that would be wrong to use my blog to support one team over the other. (STEELERS- YAY!) And I plan on knitting our way to a ring. (If I knit we win... go figure, last time we won a Superbowl, it was cooking.)

But if you are going to watch the Superbowl, you MUST eat! It's true. It's just anti-American to not pig out while watching the pigskin fly. (Go STEELERS!) But my question is, what on earth should I cook?

FarmerGeek has requested edamame- which sounds weird, but that's what they do in Japan.

I was thinking about Pioneer Woman's Steak Bites. Because, well, look at them. (HERE WE GO! STEELERS! HERE WE GO!)

Maybe I'll bust out the indoor grill and grill up some shrimp? Or just shrimp cocktail?

Maybe I'll make my baked potato chips with curried mayonnaise? Or balsamic sweet potato chips? (PITTSBURGH'S GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL...)

I mean, there's only two of us. (HERE WE GO.) But when I get nervous I eat. And I tend to get nervous during football. Especially the Superbowl! (STEELERS) I can't help it, I grew up in Buffalo- Superbowls weren't exactly our strong point. (STEELER SIX-PACK, HERE WE COME!)

Leave me a note, and tell me what you're doing on Sunday!


Aren't you glad I stayed impartial? (WOO HOO STEELERS!)

*No Cardinals were harmed in the writing of this blog


FarmerGeek said...

Food ... STEELERS ... beer ... STEELERS


HermitJim said...

'Scuse me...what's the "Super Bowl?"

Just kidding, just kidding!! Have fun...

Amy said...

My sister in law has been waiting for this for her I am so very happy and will gladly cheer on the Steelers. I live in LA and hate the Raiders...I am a huge sports fan from Iowa and well...nuff teams to support so the Steelers get my rah rah sis boom bah this weekend...


Chris W said...

haha sometimes I feel like the only guy in the US who has never watched a football game in his life

Kevin and Beth said...

Love your scarf! I can't knit or crochet but I can build nesting boxes. I'll bet Kevin prefers me building rather than knitting.

Chris, we don't watch football either. I may try to catch a commercial or halftime if I'm allowed to turn football on.