Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poll Results

So it appears running water has won!

(I'm a little concerned about the people who voted for internet, I'm REALLY hoping you also voted for electricity...)

I personally voted for both running water or electricity. OK, technically I don't NEED either one. Like when the revolution comes and we are left with nothing and having to live underground to avoid taking the mark of the beast... (I've been reading the Left Behind series again...)


And for the record, I'm not talking about being on the grid. I want indoor plumbing, but ours comes from a well- a stinky smelly yucky well... And I'm seriously considering looking into a wind turbine for the backyard. I saw a neat one the next town over. Of course, since we are fostering, we'll have to keep all our utilities for now anyways.

Thanks for voting, and feel free to leave a comment about why you voted the way you did! (But don't worry, this is still America and you don't have to tell anyone what you voted!)


Chris W said...

Well here are the thoughts from my feeble little brain, lol.

Cable-Actually this is going to be turned off very soon, possibly next week. I catch us watching something totally useless, and now the cost with internet is up to $114 a month, far past time to let it go!

Internet-This one I suppose I could live without, but I've made far too many friends online that I have no other way of communicating with. Plus it's an infinate amount of resources for information, which I use constantly.

Phone-I really hate talking on the phone, but with my parent's being older and my dad so sick, I have to have one.

Gas/Oil/Propane Heat-If I had the ability to heat this place with a woodburner, the gas would be off in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the way this house is built, it's just not feesable.

Hot Water-I would have no problems at all heating water on a stovetop to bathe or for anything else. It would take a while getting used to bathing and not showering, but it's something I would definitly be open to.

Running Water-OK this one I would have to have. I really don't want to hand pump water for every single thing we would need it for. I could do a simple well with a solar panel for the pump, or even a ram system, but I would want water in the house.

Electricity-I'd love to go solar, but the cash just isn't there. But, going solar wouldn't take away the things I want to get rid of, it would just make them easier to use since there is no "bill". Honestly, I could live without electric other than for a well pump, the computer, and a stereo. Music is one thing I will never give up.

City/ County Sewage-Don't have either now, so that's not really an issue.

Garbage Collection-We're working on that one as I speak. I'll post more in my blog about that one soon.

Anonymous said...

Remember what Mike always says: "When there's no more electricity, I'll have my sword and big stick so bring it! I didn't spend all those years growing up playing Rambo in the woods for nothing!"