Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two- Day Shredded Beef

Do not let the name fool you, this is not complicated at all. The only reason this is a two day recipe is because slow cooking is key. Make sure you make more than you think you'll need, because leftovers are versatile. It'll be good in omelets or lunchboxes. But your co-workers will hate you because it smells so good!

Dry Ingredients

Wet Ingredients
Mix the dry ingredients together in proportions according to your taste, but don't skimp on the salt! It's really important! Now rub all over the roast.
Next bust out the slow cooker. Drizzle the olive oil to coat the bottom. Next pour in about a 1/4 cup of vinegar, soy sauce, and Worchestire (or however you spell it). (Depending on the size of the roast, if it's a HUGE roast or you like a lot of sauce, add more!) Add about a tablespoon or two of liquid smoke and a teaspoon of smoked chipotle Tabasco sauce.
Chop up an onion and mince three cloves of garlic. Turn slow cooker on high. Add roast and carefully turn to coat without washing off the rub. Cook on high for about an hour. Then turn to low and leave it until tomorrow.
In the morning, take the roast out carefully, it should be almost falling apart by now. Your roast should look sorta like this:

and the slow cooker should look like this:
(Try not to taste it... but if you have to I can't really stop you...)

Now to all that drippy goodness, add a cup of ketchup, 1/2 cup of packed brown sugar, and this much dry mustard. The proportions here are 4 parts ketchup, 2 parts brown sugar to 1 part soy sauce.

Add in another splash of apple cider vinegar.

and about an 1/8 cup of molasses. (Don't get to hung up on measuring here...)

(Behold, this is how fast molasses is in January...)

Stir. Add the roast back into the sauce and set slow cooker to the lowest setting possible. Go about your day, and at some point make some rolls and a salad.
About half an hour or so before you plan to eat, uncover the slow cooker and shred the meat. Here's how I do it. The two-fork method:

(Pay no attention to the bottle of whiskey on the counter, it was nothing at all to do with this. Nothing I tell you!)

Put the lid back on and keep warm while you set the table, toss the salad (no dirty minds here), and slice the rolls (if there's a dirty connotation to that I don't want to know what it is...).
Once you've finished that, and there's drool pooling in the corner of your hubby's mouth, spoon some on a roll and eat.
If you rushed and forgot to say grace, that's not my fault...


color of sunshine said...

.... is that vinegar? lol

HermitJim said...

It looks good enough to eat to me! I always did like meat!!

DivaHick said...

OK, I meant to save as draft, but posted anyways, am trying to edit it into a recipe!

FarmerGeek said...

Nom Nom Nom, I want more!!!!!