Monday, January 12, 2009

Story Behind the New Poll

Since it snowed here, pretty much all weekend, and since ODOT still has to learn how to use a plow correctly, we were stuck inside most of the weekend. So for a lot of the time the TV was on, just as something to do. Sometimes it was the playstation, sometimes it was the dvd, but a lot of the time it was cable. Sometime after the twenty-third time I saw the same commercial, it finally dawned on me.

There is no way we're keeping cable after we have kids.

I mean seriously, in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday, I heard a commercial that included the words "Abortion Pill". (In their defense, in the context of "This is not the abortion pill") And a commercial that added "If you experience an erection lasting more than four hours..." I just have no desire to explain to my kids what those are.

(Now, on a side political note. Many people have heard me say this, and usually their response is "They should make it illegal to put those ads on TV." I don't believe this. I believe if you feel the way I do, the only option is to stop watching channels and shows that include these commercials and not to buy the things that are being advertised.)

Now what will I miss? I admit it, I've become a Secret Life of the American Teenager Junkie. And of course the Steeler games that we can't get on the basic channels. Did you know in February of 2009 TV stations will be changing over to digital? :D

SO now the question becomes: What Utility Could You Not Live Without?


FarmerGeek said...

I want it noted on my vote, that Hot Water to me does not necessarily mean a Hot Water tank. Just means i need the ability to boil it (aka FIRE!!!)

HermitJim said...

I agree that there is so much garbage on cable and T.V. in general, it makes watching a real pain in the backside! Thank goodness for the Internet!

What was considered "not polite to talk about" in public as little as a few years ago, is now all over the tube!

hows the direction we are heading!

Chris W said...

I'm with ya on the t.v. We're probably going to dump ours here pretty soon and just get the converter box and rabbit ears.
We don't watch much, but when we do, we try to find something somewhat educational, but that's getting harder. And I gotta say, if I see Billy FREAKIN' Mays or the Shamwow guy one more time, I'm gonna lose what little mind I have left!!!!!!!

dlyn said...

I would have to say electricy because most of the other stuff I can't live without needs electricity to work :)

Can you email me so that I can send you your interview questions? dlynk at htva dot net .

thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

We got rid of cable approximately 2 years ago (we just have 2,3,4,6 and 7). I gotta tell ya, I am a PBS junkie now and I really don't miss all the other crap. It's like an addiction with a withdrawal period, then you're fine.