Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homeschooling Mama

So last week I, quite snarkily, posted something on Facebook. It went something like this, "Now that I'm a conservative, Christian, Homeschooling mom, am I required to wear denim jumpers- or is that optional...?" I mean, come on people, I am the DIVAHick right? I actually went out and bought pink and brown work boots to match a pink and brown baseball hat (with rhinestones). I wear fashionably, yet functionally, cut jeans and an ultra-cute apron. (And I wear shirts to- this ain't that kind of farm kiddies!)

I am the very portrait of farmgirl chic. :P

So seriously, I started looking up denim jumpers to laugh at all those other moms. I mean go to Vermont Country Store and take a gander. All those dorky outfits...
But then I saw this...

Hey that actually looks comfy... I could work with that... a scarf, some awesome dangly earrings, kick a$$ boots...

Not to bad either... it's a good throw on to go out and about. Again, I'm seeing a scarf and some funky bangles. Maybe some hair chopsticks. Then again this might be all about the purse.

Ok this one is desperately, impossibly dorky. But it's a flannel dress. I mean, really, blessed warmth in the middle of January. I think we can work it. I think with some of the perfect accessories we can get it to the hot librarian look. High heel black boots? Long ropes of glittery black beads? I don't know, I can't get past the thought of black hornrimmed glasses with rhinestones and a messy upsweep though.

And don't worry. Even I'm not finding an excuse for this.

Somebody save me.

(For the record, I'm still in my pajamas... one kid homeschooling, the other one home sick.)

*As far as I know, Vermont Country Store has no knowledge of me or my blog. I am not being endorsed or compensated in any way

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Mandy said...

I think that your Farinelli robe would be the perfect way to dress up the denim lol!