Monday, March 30, 2009

Dog Poop and Other Liquids

I was going to post about our disastrous shopping trip, however, instead I am searching the house for dog diarrhea. I guess during the night Faust got sick in the upstairs hallway. I found it this morning. He hid it. It's disgusting.

So I went to the vet to pick up some medicine for him, and while I was gone, he or Dante pushed into the boys room and Faust got sick on the hardwood floor.

And like all little brothers, Dante has decided he's the only one in the house that gets my attention and I'm not even allowed to pet Faust (much less take care of the poor thing) without Dante jumping on his head, lunging at my face, or generally being an a$$hole.

And I felt awful yesterday, so now I have a pile of laundry, dishes stacked up, and the usually Monday chores on top of the fifteen million trips to the door, locating that smell that is permeating our house from another mystery spot in the house somewhere.

Shopping trip from hell story late tonight or tomorrow...


American Way Farm said...

Yup, dog diarrhea is definitely in the top ten list of the most disgusting things. And it amazes me that I can sleep through my husband coming home at 3:00 in the morning (no, he's not out at the bar, he works nights) with the ensuing commotion of dogs greeting him, but a dog quietly wretching at the other end of the house snaps me awake in no time flat! Can't wait to hear about the shopping trip. -Sandy

Anonymous said...

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