Monday, May 11, 2009


So this is the story of my knee.

We think we know what happened. We think I dislocated it when I was walking last Saturday, but it didn't hurt at all right then. But it might have hurt before that, I can't remember. Basically I didn't think much of it at the time because well- I'm used to knees hurting and stuff. I wasn't concerned until my knee felt like it wasn't going to support me anymore. So I called the doctor.

I go to the doctor and without even looking at my knee the doctor came in and said, "Well you need to lose weight." I said, "Yeah I know- you told me that last time and I'm working on it." I tried to explain that for 5 days we'd been eating out and not excersizing cause, well, I can't stand long enough to cook and there's to much that needs to be done outside for FarmerGeek to be taking the time. Then we spend time discussing my weight and what I'm doing. We puts me on a diet pill, which turned out to be an amphetamine- but not an amphetamine. Finally he starts asking about my knee. Basically I spent money to go in to have my weight checked and referred to an orthopedic surgeon. He couldn't prescribe Ibuprofen because it interacts with the medicne I'm on for the insulin resistance. So he prescribes prednisone. Now in case you don't know that's a steroid. So now I'm on a steroid and amphetamines. Yeah. Think that through. Not to mention the three pages of drug interactions the pharmacist gave me- after I asked of course.

So I call the ortho and guess what? They can't get me in until the 27th. Are we in Canada? Seriously, not one appointment until then? Not only that but they want me to call the GP and have him order X-rays to be sent to the ortho. Fine whatever.

Now Saturday comes around. My butt has not moved out of the chair for a couple days. My knee is killing me, I'm in tears, and my baby toe is all pins and needles. I figure the least that will happen is they will give me an MRI, brace it, give me crutches, and tell me to call the ortho. Yeah no.

I walk into the hospital to be greeted with a "Swine Flu Alert" they suspect there was a case of the swine flu there. (Unfortunately, it was a 4-month-old little boy who passed away.) OK it's not like I care about swine flu. I come in, give my name and problem, and go sit down. The triage nurse called for me and watches me limp on my cane and FarmerGeek's arm all the way from the waiting room to triage before going, "Oh did you want a wheelchair?" Uh DUH?!?! So this is the upside of what happened. I got an X-ray which didn't show anything, aced bandaged completely wrong that made my leg hurt so much worse I'm just bawling, and a prescription for Ultram which "works like a narcotic- but is not a narcotic." And sent home. Not even a "call the Ortho and see if they can take you."

So I left in more pain than I showed up in.

Now, for those of you who are keeping score- I'm on an amphetamine that's not an amphetamine, a steroid, my regular insulin medicne, and a narcotic that's not a narcotic. Supposedly the amphetamine and the narcotic like drugs are supposed to do the same thing as the actual amphetamines and narcotic but are non-addictive. My only thought here is, isn't part of the reason why those are addictive is because they work? I mean, I took the Ultram (narcotic) and was out of pain and loopy and feeling happy and silly. Isn't that part of the problem? And if weight starts pouring off of me after all these years of trying, do you think I'm going to want to stop taking the medicne? (Well actually yes I would, but I'm terrifed to take it in the first place.)

I have a whole point here, but my brain's a little foggy. Did I mention I'm on drugs?


American Way Farm said...

I just hate those drugs and that loopy feeling. I'd almost rather have the pain. BTW, you probably already know this, but an x-ray won't show soft tissue injuries such as a torn muscle or ligament damage. Insist on an MRI! Here's hoping you feel better soon, and lose weight too - that's always a good thing. -Sandy

HermitJim said...

My knee hurts just reading this! I sure hope that this gets all better soon! I'll start sending some positive thoughts to you...can't hurt!

You take care, Diva...