Monday, April 6, 2009

What the heck?

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

The first person that can accurately guess what is going on in each picture wins the honor of being right and I'll mention you and promote your blog/website right here on DivaHick's blog! (I know, I know- but it's all I can do this week.)
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Lisa said...

1.emptying the bucket from scrubbing carpets or floor
2.Looks like he is shooting something under the house
3. making sun tea

American Way Farm said...

1) couldn't have been too much gravy left over after that big sunday dinner, that would have gone to the dogs, so it must be emptying the rug shampooer.
2.) "hey, there's a coon (or porcupine) under the porch" (hope it wasn't a skunk!)
3.) sun tea, or you're just excited that something has started to grow in the plant pots.
LOL -Sandy

Christi said...

1. emptying bucket after window washing
2. caulking
3. making sun tea (yum!)

Anonymous said...

Faust finally desecrated the rug one too many times and Big Daddy had to show him who's boss. You rejoiced with a clean counter top and glass of sun tea?