Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Free For All

Oh yes people, there will be rambling, there will be incoherence, there will be run on sentences, there will be a Friday Free For All!!!!

So here's what I hate about spring. It seems that every year something bad happens to my family in the spring. Every year. I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop this year. It could be some many different things. Then I hate the allergies. And I hate that this part of spring is always like a holding pattern to me. I want to plant, but it's to early there's still frost. I want to hatch chickens but as we recently found out the county can't license our home for foster to adopt if the chicks are inside and Marc and I can't agree on whether we should buy eggs and try to hatch them in the coop. Also there's so many things I want around my home but since we didn't live here last spring and last fall was so horrible we didn't get them planted. Things like a lilac bush and strawberries. I really miss lilacs. Although I'm allergic to them.

Things I like about spring. There's crocuses (or is it croci?) in the yard. And some sprigs that look suspiciously like asparagus, but aren't in a spot that make any sense for someone to plant asparagus. I like the clothing I get to wear. And I can walk around and dream and plan. And the chickens are laying again. And I get to plan out the garden etc...

Btw I'm watching reruns of 90210 (the original) and Dylan is supposed to have cracked ribs. Do you think you could yell if you had cracked ribs? Or make out?

Just curious.

And do you think getting a wringer washer's a good idea if it's electric? A hand cranked one could be mighty useful, but...

And I'm getting my hair done at the fancy salon tomorrow!!! I'm driving into the city to do it!!! (I've decided we now have a "town" a "city" and "a big city". What used to be the big city is now the the city and the place we went shopping is now the big city.)


HermitJim said...

Lots going on, huh? Must be Spring is in the air...ya reckon?

Anonymous said...

I dunno babe, I see bad things in the combination of you and a wringer washer...just don't use it when you are alone in the house. Faust is cool and all that, but opposible thumbs he does not possess.