Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The School Room

As anyone who homeschools knows, it's always nice to have a schoolroom to work in.  Ok, nice being a very weak word.  Very weak.  Actually if my teenager wrote that down I'd correct her and make her write a more descriptive word.  How about moral imperative?  Now I'm being hyperbolic I know and it's just as bad.


We have been working on our school room for three major reasons.
1) The teenager refuses to do anything independently and if I have to sit with her all freaking day I might as well enjoy the room.

2) After watching the absolute joy (not) of Sparrow returning to school after break, I'm fairly certain they will both end up being homeschooled.  I simply cannot tolerate watching a 7 year old that depressed. Even though she swears she's not.

3) My in laws gave us a new computer for Christmas.

It's in the process of being cleaned out and reorganized.  Actually, it'll take a while, since right now the toys are also being stored in here and are moving once the tax return comes in.  Then we'll be able to buy a split box spring for the master bedroom and switch everything around.

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