Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mmm.... tastes like chicken....

So our poor chickens have turned cannibal. Or they are on the cusp of turning cannibal, but they have been pecking each other's feathers out. The poor black and white one's butt is completely bare. So here I am in my choring outfit: old and ill-fitting jeans, work shoes, FarmerGeek's sweatshirt (which I have permanently borrowed), FarmerGeek's old corduroy work jacket, my work gloves, and my brand new red, shiny, faux crocodile purse.

I was pretty.

Of course, I was just heading out to the local Wal-mart- excuse me SUPER Wal-Mart- and Tractor Supply. I bought some things to hopefully stop the cannibalism. There are things I never thought I would do in life, like paint a chicken's butt with pine tar and utter the words, "I can't find her vent, I need to make sure I don't cover her vent or her a$$h0l@!"

But I finally got to take an egg out of the coop! Although, now all I can smell is that god-awful pine tar and chicken poop.

For your viewing pleasure, the chicken from "The Great Outdoors" if you know what I mean.

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